But why is the class of those earning between 10 lakh to 50 lakh chosen?

  1. Can a lower income class afford to provide multiple full-time jobs in their home like cook, driver, gardener, caretaker, coach, tutor or other servants? And if this is not done, then how can we produce that trickle down effect of two and a half times or more?
  2. Can we consider the average number of members of an ordinary family (parents, two-three children and grandparents) to be five?
  3. Now come back to boring mathematics, when we combine the family members of our upward moving wealthier 93470908 people by 5; do we not reach the total population of 467354540?
  4. Is it not a third of the total 140 crore populations of our country; or in other words one family out of every three families of the country?
  5. Is that one family could not afford to provide those other two families, direct employment like cook, driver etc. or to some others by like procuring fruits, vegetables, grocery, jewelry, vehicles etc.; which will provide employment to produce, transport, retail, wholesale, make, store or repair them?
  6. Is this 467354540 newly upward moving wealthier population exceed; not the one or two or three but combined population of world's richest fourteen countries of highest incomes *436164599?
  7. * Population of richest nations with the highest incomes




    1 Luxembourg  625448
    2 Norway 5548387
    3 Switzerland 8570000
    4 Ireland  4937786
    5 Iceland  341243
    6 Qatar 2902417
    7 The United States of America 334044151
    8 Denmark 5789471
    9 Singapore 5849157
    10 Australia 25491691
    11 Sweden 10099265
    12 Netherlands 17418465
    13 Austria 9006398
    14 Finland 5540720
    14 Total 436164599