What can we do today to make India the greatest economy in the world?

  1. Is it not necessary to know the vehicle, before proceeding on the journey ahead; by which this beautiful dream of Mungerilal becomes true?
  2. Do we know that each one of us can do at least one work well than ten thousand others?
  3. Imagine if someone discovered that hidden talent, passion and ability in us; thanks to which work-related stress and friction reduce significantly; do we not get better productivity and profit?
  4. Can it not solve the frustration of having a round peg in a square hole?
  5. Do we understood that without any additional education, capital or government help, this way; can we not transform the Indian economy into the world's largest economy; within few year?
  6. Can we put apart all types of negativity for a while and focus on what are our strengths that still remained with us?
  7. To achieve this seemingly impossible goal, should we not leverage our strengths?
  8. Can we see what we already have achieved with the joint efforts of our fellow countrymen?
  9. Can we see  the following table?
All Taxpayers – Gross Total Income (AY 2018-19
All Taxpayers – Gross Total Income (AY 2018-19
  1. Now can we understand with this active contribution of 58 million people who are already generating this income, we are where; we are now?
  2. Do we not have about 250 million families and 58 million out of them not already generated an average income of about nine lakh Rupees?
  3. Can we see here that 5,87,13,458 persons jointly generated a Sum of Gross Total Income Rs. 51,33,084 Crore; which turned out at an average of Rs. 8 74 260 per person.
  4. With this level of individual income of about fifty eight million persons our GDP of $1.931 Trillion converted @ 1 USD = 65.0746 INR on 31/03/2018 we clocked Rs.125.6591 lakh Crore or almost 2.245 times of reported income.
  5. Applying this ratio if we need to reach GDP just $5 trillion; our Gross Total Income should be above 40% of it; which is $2 trillion and in terms of Rupee as on Saturday 29 February 2020 @ 1 USD = 72.1500 approximately 144.30 lakh crore.
  6. By deducting our already achieved level of Sum of Gross Total Income Rs. 51,33,084 crore from the targeted; we had a difference of 92.97 lakh crore.
  7. But do we not have 192 million families remaining out of Rupees nine lakh earner’s club?
  8. Can these 19 crore families not be able to generate an additional Rupees 93 lakh crore if our average family just earns 4 89 315?
  9. In other words (4 89 315/5 people) can everyone not earn just 98 thousand a year?
  10. But is this type of Egalitarianism or Utopia could generate the trickle-down effect of 2.25 times? Can your 5 year old daughter or my mom in her eighties take part in any such activity?
  11. So does it not become clear that forcing everyone to raise their output at this level is a futile exercise?
  12. So is it not a question in front of us; from which strata we can expect such supply of ambitions?
  13. Should we not explore other viable options to resolve this challenge?
  14. Option one: can we consider persons born between 1981 and 2001? Are they not in their prime age and have ambitions or qualification to earn more than the present average of nine lakh Rs?
  15. Second option: can we not consider people born in between 1961 and 1981? Are they not currently earning below from that?
  16. Third option: can we ask our senior citizens to leverage their experiences of their life and raise the “bar of earning” more than the current average?
  17. In scenario one, we may have about 34, 54, 08,339 people but 30% of them may not have any ambition or capabilities to earn more than 9 lakh; in that case should we not consider just 24, 17, 85,837 in this segment?
  18. In scenario two we may have about 24, 40, 94,326 people but 30% of them also may not have any such ambition or capability to earn more than 9 lakh. In that case can we not consider just 17, 08, 66,028 in this segment?
  19. In scenario three we may have about 7, 81, 46,681 people but considering only 70% of them are ambitious or capable enough to earn more than 9 lakh; can we not consider just 5, 47, 02,677 in this segment?
  20. So can we consider this huge potential block of 46, 73, 54,542 people?
  21. But are they not infested by various mind numbing presumptions, social dogmas, orthodox nature of families, physical and mental disabling conditions, gender prejudices, fear of uncertainties and doubts injected in their susceptible minds?
  22. Are these malaises not making unsuitable 80 % of this block? Are they not happy where they are now? Will they be able to embark on the journey of an ambitious future?
  23. As per the famous 80 20 rule can we not empower the remaining 20%; by breaking their limiting thoughts while identifying the hidden talent, passion and potent aptitude in them?
  24. Is it not attainable by these 20% (or 9 34 70 908 or say 93 million) potential people; earning >ten lakh a year?
  25. Will it not add up at least Rs. 93 lakh crore to the existing economy? (93 million people X Rs. 10 lakh = Rs. 93 trillion)
  26. Will this additional Rs. 93 trillion not create the cascading trickle-down effect of the economy to land us into a $5 trillion economy?
  27. At this juncture, do we not have lost sight; just like the famous story of our Patwari Saheb; who lost his kids in the river stream, while crossing the river with his family members; averaged out depth of river as well as the height of his several kids and wife?
  28. Do we not missing the power of the big spending group by hiding ourselves under the guise of average.
  29. Are 10 to 50 lakh earners not the big spenders?
  30. Are they more than 56 lakh people in this slab?
  31. When there were just 5.6 million people in this class, our GDP was two trillion dollars.
  32. But why is the class of those earning between 10 lakh to 50 lakh chosen?
  33. Can a lower income class afford to provide multiple full-time jobs in their home like cook, driver, gardener, caretaker, coach, tutor or other servants? And if this is not done, then how can we produce that trickle down effect of two and a half times or more?
  34. Can we consider the average number of members of an ordinary family (parents, two-three children and grandparents) to be five?
  35. Now come back to boring mathematics, when we combine the family members of our upward moving wealthier 93470908 people by 5; do we not reach the total population of 467354540?
  36. Is it not a third of the total 140 crore populations of our country; or in other words one family out of every three families of the country?
  37. Is that one family could not afford to provide those other two families, direct employment like cook, driver etc. or to some others by like procuring fruits, vegetables, grocery, jewelry, vehicles etc.; which will provide employment to produce, transport, retail, wholesale, make, store or repair them?
  38. Is this 467354540 newly upward moving wealthier population exceed; not the one or two or three but combined population of world's richest fourteen countries of highest incomes *436164599
  39. Population of richest nations with the highest incomes




    1 Luxembourg  625448
    2 Norway 5548387
    3 Switzerland 8570000
    4 Ireland  4937786
    5 Iceland  341243
    6 Qatar 2902417
    7 The United States of America 334044151
    8 Denmark 5789471
    9 Singapore 5849157
    10 Australia 25491691
    11 Sweden 10099265
    12 Netherlands 17418465
    13 Austria 9006398
    14 Finland 5540720
    14 Total 436164599
  40. Is it not obvious the moment Nine crore new people enter in this class; who can stop our GDP reaching Fifty seven trillion dollar mark? (Sixteen times of 5.6 million of 10 to 50 lakh earners)
  41. Till two years ago; was the entire world GDP (nominal) not just 87 trillion dollars?
  42. Does now the question not arise in front of us; where can we deploy such a huge chunk of the population?
  43. Or another question not arises: What steps should be taken?
  44. Fearing making this too big to read; here I am putting the link of my previously written (more than four years ago on 2 Jul 2016 3:36 PM) answer which easily can guide us to the other practical steps. How much time would it take for India to become the biggest economy of the world? And what can we do right now to quicken it?
  45. Can we not motivate ourselves or one member of our family or a person from at least one other family to reach this slab through this whole idea?
  46. If that one person identified by us; starts taking action today to join the club of those "Rupees 10 to 50 lakhs yearly earners", can we not achieve that goal?
  47. For this very purpose should we not create a system and develop processes; to reach every corner of the country?
  48. To find one such ambitious out of every five others from his entire locality; will we not need a full-time entirely local person? Can we designate them as Camp coordinator? Is he not like an EcoAngel for the public at large? Why not explore #25 of my will?
  49. To find out and reach such a local worthy person do we not need gentlemen who have such rural contacts, and can explain it to them in their own language? Can we not designate them as Counselors? Is he not like an EcoEvangelist for the public at large? Why not explore #24 of my will?
  50. Do we not need a few gentlemen who may not have enough contacts at village level but have a wider and active network of urban friends, relatives, schoolmate, collegemate, teammate to easily spread the idea and enroll a few Counselors for making India the greatest economy in the world? Can we not designate them as team advisors? Is he not like an EcoEvangelist for the public at large? Why not explore #24 of my will?
  51. But do we know the language of all such people?
  52. So from most states, should we not need to find such a gentleman who can coordinate the efforts of team advisors and also knows Hindi or English in addition to their mother tongue? Can we not designate them as State advisors? Is he not like an EcoAmbassador for the public at large? Why not explore #23 of my will?
  53. Do we not know a single person of these four types? Or is it possible such a dignitary present in any of our Whatsapp like social groups?
  54. Should the EcoBharat group which includes you, me and all positive minded Indians; not take the responsibility for this MahaYagya?
  55. But is this group alone without some structural setup can implement it?
  56. Should we not allocate this responsibility to some organization for implementing it?
  57. Can we not entrust such responsibility to ParCamp India for its coordination and systematization which already developed such processes?
  58. Is it not created Aahuti options in this regard with some Prasad for our active participation?
  59.  Can we not read to contribute in this Mahayagya:
  60. How can I earn ten to fifty lakh in 2020 from my Village?
  61. How can you become a millionaire year after year after year; regularly?